Western States 100 Aid Station

The GVH aid station is perched on a hillside in a remote location at about mile 65 of the Western States Endurance Run (WSER) course. This is the first station that runners can arrive at with a pacer. After running over from Squaw Valley and up and down three canyons in the heat, most runners are pretty spent. We do our best to re-fuel, re-hydrate, and get them moving along.

Most volunteers never aspire to run WS100, but they do it to support one of the most storied, grueling running races in the world.

In return for hosting an aid station at WSER, GVH is guaranteed one entry for a club member to run the race next year. The club slot selection process emphasizes volunteering in club activities and in the greater road and trail running communities. The details of our selection process can be found here. Options for volunteering in the club are listed here.

GVH Aid Station Captains

2003 - 2004 Bob Gilbert

2005 - 2006 Rob Kos

2007 - 2008 The Shuttleworths

2009 - 2010 Bob Gilbert

2011 Bob Gilbert, Paula and Nick Checchi

2012 - 2013 Paula and Nick Checchi

2014 - 2019 Ling-Ru Chu and Bruce LaBelle