Running Routes

We are super fortunate in Davis to have a network of bike lanes and green belts that allow routes away from traffic.  Most routes cross only a few streets.

10 mile South UCD campus loop

Start at  FF, Arboretum, Levees, Airport, Olive Grove, Campus, Arboretum, FF. Our most common Saturday morning run. Water in the Arboretum, Airport, and the dining commons. The last half mile mile includes the stupid loop up to 3rd and D, over to 3rd and F, and finish at FF.

7 mile South Davis Winter Loop

Start at FF to the South Putah Creek Bike Path, go north towards the Playfields, over to Willow park, head south back to the Putah Creek Bike path past Marguerite Montgomery, and back to FF.

Mt. Poleline

The site of most of our hill workouts.  It is about 0.2 miles up and 0.2 miles down the other side. You can add an extension through the tunnel and turn around at the tree to make it 0.52 miles or roughly a 1 mile loop.  Sometimes we sprint up and jog down to build strength and running economy or we do the 1 mile loop as tempo with constant effort or intensity like an undulating XC course.

Dave Pelz Bike Bridge

This is about 0.5 miles from the south side of 5th street near Explorit to where the bike path crosses Cowell Blvd.

7.4 mile South UCD Campus Loop

Commonly done on Saturday morning and also on Thursday evening when there is enough daylight.  On Thursday evening, the loop is sometimes done counter clockwise to avoid the sun setting directly into the eyes.

1 mile South Putah Creek

Start at the water fountain just past Da Vinci Court and go just short of Drummond

South Putah Creek Drill 2 mile loop

Start on the South Putah Creek Bike path at Drew circle and run north to Cowell.  Follow the route to Drummond. When Drummond hits the bike path, that is 2000 meters. From Drummond to the water fountain at Drew circle is 1200 meters. To shorten the loop, take the cut-offs at Jasmine Ct or Rialto Lane.

Community Park 1 K Cross Country loop

When the softball fields are being used, go on the bike path just to the north of the fields.

Community Park 1K paved loop

This loop and the above XC loop are two of our prime training loops.  The ideal interval duration is between 3 - 5 minutes since it takes about 2 minutes to get into your VO2 max zone.  Longer than 5 minutes and lactate levels build up and you are going anaerobic. 

Wildhorse loop

Start at the Nugget Soccer Fields in Wildhorse.

The 2.5 mile loop follows the crushed granite path around the golf course. The 0.55 mile loop around the soccer field can be added for a pick-up.  On the 0.55 mile loop, go around the basketball court and up over the 3 small hills on the east side.

Northstar 3.25 mile loop

All bike path with one road crossing at Catalina.  

Northstar 2 mile loop

Loops around the duck pond on the north end. One road crossing at Catalina.

North Davis 10.6 mile loop

Winds through the bike paths in Northstar, over to West Davis, and finishes through the UC Davis campus.