This Week's Workouts

getting ready for a workout

6/22/2021 Tuesday Speed Workout - UCD track Mile Time Trial

Forecast for the mile time trial is 86 degrees. A little warm but cooler than our last workout. For inspiration, Abbey Cooper ran the fastest qualifying time for Monday’s 5K final at the Olympic trials with a 15:07.8 in 97 degrees!

6:00 pm - warm up at the UC Davis track.

6:20 pm - first heat

6:30 pm - second heat

Training is mandatory, racing is optional.

You can look up paces at:

Upcoming events:

6/26 - 6/27/2021 WS100 - volunteers contact Ling-Ru.

6/29/2021 Summer Solstice (okay, the solstice was 6/20) workout in Mace Race Park

7/9/2021 Friday Night 5K series

7/18/2021 Blood, Sweat, and Beers

8/13/2021 Friday Night 5K series

8/21/2021 XC Santa Cruz

8/28/2021 XC Santa Rosa

9/5/2021 XC GVH Lagoon Valley

9/12/2021 XC SF Golden Gate Park

9/18/2021 XC Rebels - Carmichael

9/25/2021 XC Garrin Park - Hayward

10/10/2021 XC Tamalpa - China Camp

10/16/2021 XC Willow Hills - Folsom

10/23/2021 XC Martinez

11/14 or 11/21/2021 XC Championships - SF GGP

12/5/2021 CIM

Let me know if there is an event that you want me to add to the list above.

Looking to run with others in Davis?

Tuesday Speed Workout: Craighton, . Speed Workout sounds intimidating but this is actually good for newer runners. There is a wide range of paces and at a track or short loop where someone new to the group is unlikely to get left behind.

Thursday Track Workout: Joachim,

Thursday Evening Long Slow Run: Steve S.,

Saturday Morning Longer Faster Runs: Beth B, . Most do the 7 or 10 mile loop but several take a short loop in the arboretum.


At the moment, GVH does not have a coach. I have been sending out the workouts which loosely follow Jack Daniels' 5K to 15K training plan phase II or III. These workouts should enable you to run a decent 5K or 10K anytime of year. I also go by the dictum that the best training plan is to avoid injury. I do not do individualized coaching, but most runners will find that they can adjust the distances and intensity to fit their needs. If you have questions, contact: Craighton, GVH treasurer