This Week's Workouts

9/21/2021 Fall equinox workout

Mile time trial runners 6/22/2021.

GVH occasionally does time trials throughout the year to help members get a sense of their current fitness.

8/20/2022 Santa Cruz XC race

3/28/2023Tuesday Speed Workout - Mount Covell

5:45 pm Meet up on H street behind the baseball playfields at F street and Covell. Another atmospheric river is set to hit Tuesday, but is expected to stop about 4pm which is what happened last week. We will repeat last week’s workout to continue the hill work and pickups. The 10 minutes should be enough time for most of you to make all the way over and back across the Covell overpass. 

6:10 pm Intervals begin: 

10 minutes on Covell overpass

2 x (1 minute jog : 1 minute pick up) down H street

10 minutes on Covell overpass

2 x (1 minute jog : 1 minute pick up) down H street

Cool down loop (0.85 mile)

7:10 pm General club meeting - tell your significant other that you will not be home for dinner.

Training is mandatory, racing is optional. The best training plan is don’t get injured.

Recommended Training Paces for 5K to 15K runners

GVH membership: if you have paid for membership by PayPal or mail but are not receiving emails on the list serve, contact

Upcoming Events:

Let me know if you have an event to add to the list.

3/28/2023 General Club meeting at Steve’s Pizza after the workout

4/2/2023 Sactown 10 miler 

4/17/2023 Boston Marathon

4/29/2023 Parkway Half Marathon  along the American River

4/30/2023 Big Sur Marathon 

5/7/2023 Avenue of the Giants 10K, Half, Full Marathon

5/7/2023 Bloomsday Spokane 

5/7/2023 Vancouver Marathon and Half

5/21/2023 Bay to Breakers SF

6/11/2023 Dipsea 

6/24/2023 Western States Endurance Run contact Ling-Ru to volunteer at the aid station and if you are interested in applying for the club slot in the run.

7/23/2023 Wharf to Wharf Capitola, this last storm took out the pier

8/27/2023 Santa Rosa Marathon and Half

10/15/2023 GVH Lagoon Valley XC Challenge - new date

Mt Covell and H street

The loop (H str - F str - Covell overpass - J str - back to H is about 0.85 miles.

H str from the baseball field to 8th street is about 0.5 mile. 

5K race pace Mile race pace 200m interval time, sec 400m interval time 800m interval time

16:00 4:38 33 66 2:19

17:00 4:56 37 1:14 2:28

18:00 5:14 39 1:18 2:36

19:00 5:32 41 1:22 2:44

20:00 5:51 43 1:26 2:52

21:00 6:09 46 1:32 3:04

22:00 6:28 48 1:36 3:12

23:00 6:46 50 1:40 3:20

24:00 7:05 53 1:46 3:32

25:00 7:24 55 1:50 3:40

26:00 7:43 57 1:54 3:48

27:00 8:01 60 2:00 4:00

28:00 8:20 62 2:04 4:08

29:00 8:39 64 2:08 4:16

30:00 8:58 67 2:14 4:28

Looking to run with others in Davis? 

Tuesday Speed Workout: Craighton, .  Speed Workout sounds intimidating but this is actually good for newer runners. There is a wide range of paces and at a track or short loop where someone new to the group is unlikely to get left behind.

Thursday Track Workout: Joachim,

Thursday morning (6:30 am, ~6-7 miles with optional tempo): Pam, 

Thursday Evening Long Slow Run: Steve S.,

Saturday Morning Longer Faster Runs: Beth B, beth.bourne@sbcglobal.netMost do the 7 or 10 mile loop but several take a short loop in the arboretum.


At the moment, GVH does not have a coach.  I have been sending out the workouts which loosely follow Jack Daniels' 5K to 15K training plan phase II or III.  These workouts should enable you to run a decent 5K or 10K anytime of year.  I also go by the dictum that the best training plan is to avoid injury.  I do not do individualized coaching, but most runners will find that they can adjust the distances and intensity to fit their needs.  If you have questions, contact:  Craighton, GVH treasurer