This Week's Workouts

getting ready for a workout

Let me know if you are interested in a 5K time trial in February.

1/26/2021 Tuesday Speed Workout - UCD Track

2 x 400 m with 400 m recovery

2 x 800 m with 400 m recovery

2 x 400 m with 400 m recovery

If you would like to be notified by personal email of a non GVH sanctioned group workout on Tuesday, contact me, Craighton. If you are already on the list, you do not have to contact me.

You can look up paces at:

Our regular Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday runs are temporarily suspended. They will be posted here when they resume.



At the moment, GVH does not have a coach. I have been sending out the workouts which loosely follow Jack Daniels' 5K to 15K training plan phase II or III. These workouts should enable you to run a decent 5K or 10K anytime of year. I also go by the dictum that the best training plan is to avoid injury. I do not do individualized coaching, but most runners will find that they can adjust the distances and intensity to fit their needs. If you have questions, contact: Craighton, GVH treasurer