Running related services

GVH is self supporting through annual membership dues. The following businesses and services have been used by GVH club members and are recommended, but GVH does not receive financial support from them.

Fleet Feet Davis (on 612 2nd street, Davis, CA) has provided a meeting place since the founding of GVH. Many members started with FF training groups. With the customer rewards program, shoe prices are competitive with online sellers and you get to try before you buy.

ElliptiGO - injured runners have found this no impact training bike to be a useful training aid. Contact for a trial.

Runner's Rehabilitation — SportRehab Physical Therapy & Pilates Studio

At SportRehab, we have a Prehab Runner Program designed to help any runner improve and stay healthy. The Prehab program consists of an initial 1 hour assessment where we will review your running history and any related health history, go over your goals and injury concerns/history, perform a detailed biomechanical analysis standing, sitting, and lying down, and perform running gait analysis on a treadmill or sidewalk.

Promotion and Club Listserve Access Policy:In an effort to control communication with our private list we've adopted this policy. No direct solicitation using our list is allowed. Any promotions or solicitations by club members or non-members need to route through our board (address This includes any offers for profit and non-profit - such as shoe donations, pacing requests outside of GVH-ACOP events, and product. The board will review offers and pass on appropriate messages to our members through our direct communication (weekly update or monthly newsletter). This will limit email contact to our private GVH list.Website AdvertisingGVH website advertising is possible if the board agrees and deems the product appropriate to the club - any inquiries please route to the board. The board will determine the cost of website advertising.