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GVH is a running club located in Davis, CA dedicated to promoting running in the community. Members come in all shapes and sizes—from elite ex-college runners to folks who are just starting to run and everything in between.  The club is organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Donations to the club are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Our Tax ID# is 14-1841731.

Tuesday Night Speed Workout

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Everyone and anyone is welcome to come out and run with us, but we appreciate a positive attitude. (Please note that our RRCA insurance requires that runners under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.)  

GVH currently meets for workouts on:

For more details, see Nicole's weekly e-mail message, or go to the Workouts and Events page. 

06/29/2024 - Western States Endurance Run (WSER) 100-miler Cal1 Aid Station

Once again, a big and special thank you to club members Ling-ru Chu and Aryn Yancher for co-captaining and to the club members staffing the Cal 1 aid station last weekend. If you have not yet volunteered for this event, I highly recommend it. The early shift tends to be slower going but you get to see the elite ultrarunners. In total, I think we helped about 40 runners out of ~300.

To those who have done the late shift, feel free to share your general experience and thoughts. My understanding is that this is where things get REAL. You witness ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary feats.

If you missed the live stream, here is a portion when the women’s winner Katie Schide was at GVH's Cal1 aid station: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iy0yDhy7pV8&t=38343s.

Top: Left - Aryn and Chloe pouring ice over Katie's hat. Right - Chloe and Katie P!

Bottom: Left - same people but now with Angela who was in charge of keeping time on a clipboard.

Ling took the bottom photos since she overheard that Chloe was fangirling over Katie Schide and hoping for a picture. 

In other news, Martin Sengo, the 2013 GVH runner of the year, stopped by to say hi since he paced for #182 Taylor Edwards.

Back in 2013, three GVHers (Bruce LaBelle, Alex McDaniel who was at our recent BBQ, and Di Wu) completed WSER within 24 hours. Here’s a story for those interested. Some pictures here.

Top (morning shift): Mark, Nicole, Chloe, Angela, Katie, Aryn, Ling, and Scott Martin (We missed Scott Sambucci in this pic. Chris took this photo for us who helped at our aid station the whole way and was responsible for scanning the timing chips)

Bottom (evening shift): Krista, Clay, Allison, Andrea, Jamie, and Heather (I missed Blair in this pic but he was just around the corner.)

Aryn, Kelly Barber who was a pacer that night, and Andrea during the evening shift.

More photos from the weekend are here.

7/1/2024 UPDATE

Interested in Representing GVH at WSER Next Year?

GVH receives a guaranteed entry into the Run for a Club member in exchange for providing staffing at the Cal 1 aid station at mile 65.7. The club slot selection process emphasizes volunteering in club activities and in the greater road and trail running communities. The details of our selection process can be found here. Options for volunteering in the club are listed here.

Important dates and notes for those interested in the coveted guaranteed entry:

July 4th Races

We have two July 4th races folks can do in the cooler hours of the morning. The City of Davis is also hosting a public event in the evening at Community Park if folks want to see some fireworks. I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July.

Davis Community Track and Field Club Meet Next Week - July 11

Sharing an event from Krista:

Hello DCTFC Families,

It’s been a wonderful first couple weeks of track camp!

I’m pleased to announce the second annual “Davis Summer All-Comer Track Meet!” This year’s meet will take place on Thursday, July 11 at 5pm.

By all-comer, we mean all-comer. While we are hoping for a large turnout of DCTFC youth athletes, this meet is open to the whole community: Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, parents, friends, etc. So come on out!

Visit the website for more information and a link to register:


LAST CALL -  GVH Davis Enterprise Story

GVHer Monica Stark is interested in featuring a story of GVH’s history for the local newspaper, the Davis Enterprise. The last Enterprise article on GVH was from 2021. It’s about time for an updated feature. https://www.davisenterprise.com/sports/local-roundup-strong-finish-for-golden-valley-harriers/article_a13ccc0e-9fc2-5e3b-9775-19ba86409fdd.html 

If you are interested in being included, please send your responses to these prompts to Monica (maunalai@gmail.com). I encourage long-time and even recent (<2 years) members to participate. I just submitted my responses yesterday.

New Members

Welcome Maria S. to GVH. Like Tom last week, Maria’s target race is the Jack & Jill Washington State marathon/half.


We have a week-long heatwave coming up starting today. This is a reminder to stay safe if you do decide to run when it's 100 degrees out. Adjust your pace and hydrate/fuel frequently. https://marathonhandbook.com/when-is-it-too-hot-to-run-outside/ 

Upcoming Events

Newly added

Let me or Craighton know if there are events that you want to be added to the calendar.

*PA events are on the PAUSATF race series that involve individual and team scoring plus prize money. You must be a member of the PAUSATF to score.

Nicole Osorio


3.8 mile route from Sudwerks

3 mile loop in South Davis

7 mile loop from Sudwerk 

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Community Actions:

You can donate directly to the club general fund or to specific activities via PayPal:  Donate 

Here is the link to the 2024 High School Cross Country Teams Fundraiser https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=RW8MBCEARZQAQ

GVH donated $525 to each XC team at Woodland HS and Pioneer HS as part of our 2023 program to support local running programs. The coaches came to our Saturday morning run to express thanks and tell us how the donations have been used. Last year, Alex, the Woodland coach, used the 2022 donation to buy a pop-up tent with the school logo which is wildly popular with the XC and track team.