Results 9/14 - 9/20/2020

Fellow Runners,

Joann Helmus finished the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000km back in July. She reports that "I was making a push to run 1,000 miles but the fire at our home knocked me out of the running, literally! Fortunately, our home is still here, lots of things to replace/repair but we have our home!"

On Wednesday, Zach Bonner ran a virtual Boston marathon in 2:53.

Cristina Dalton ran her virtual Boston marathon on Saturday in 3:41 in the neighborhoods around her home in Dixon.

Ed Ballerini found a real road marathon out in Billings, Montana.

Kelly Barber and Scott Sambucci ran a DIY trail marathon out in the Marin Headlands, starting and finishing at Rodeo Beach on Saturday morning.

Ian Grettenberger ran his own DIY trail marathon in the mountains of central Nevada.

Jen Schmidt's upcoming Skyline to Sea 50K was canceled, so she ran a 50K around Davis in memory of American heroine Ruth Bader Ginsburg instead in a total time of 4:20.

Martin Sengo ran the Ride to Walk 100-miler up in Lincoln, CA. He did 120 loops around a small lake for a total of 101 miles in under 24 hours.

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Congratulations, runners!

MONTANA MARATHON (Billings, MT 9/20)

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace

94/ EWARD BALLERINI/ 6/ 4:07:59/ 9:28/M