Results 4/19 - 4/24/2022

Fellow Runners,

Aryn Yancher and Chris Dalton ran the hilly Canyons 50K and 100K, respectively, on Saturday.

On Sunday, Heather Komure-Chan and Steve Shaffer ran the beautiful Big Sur marathon.

Please let me know if I missed you:

Congratulations, runners!

CANYONS (Foresthill, CA 4/23)


Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/

36/ ARYN YANCHER/ 6:36:11/


Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/

334/ CHRISTOPHER DALTON/ 17:22:38/

BIG SUR MARATHON (Pacific Grove, CA 4/24)

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace

1526/ HEATHER KOMURE-CHAN/ 57/ 4:35:27/ 10:30/M

2562/ STEVEN SHAFFER/ 82/ 5:19:41/ 12:12/M