Results 12/14 - 12/20/2020

Fellow Runners,

Back on November 30, Jim Flanigan ran the Mount Wilson trail race down in Pasadena. Due to social distancing restrictions, runners were required to run the actual course independently and submit their GPS results. Jim won his age group.

A team named "GVH Girlfriends" ran the American River Relay. Allison Alcalay, Heather Jones, and Lilly Hayden each ran legs, with Andrea Brunsman and Brigette Haddock on crew.

Cristina Dalton ran the American River Relay as a one-woman team, completing the first two legs on December 13 and the last two on December 20.

Also on December 20, the Vacaville contingent ran another Holderfield 10-mile time trial.

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Congratulations, runners!

MT WILSON TRAIL RACE (Sierra Madre, CA 11/30)

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Time/

19/ JIM FLANIGAN/ 1/ 1:46:55/

AMERICAN RIVER RELAY (Sacramento, CA December 2020)

Overall Place/ Team/ Time/

12/ GVH GIRLFRIENDS/ 4:49:55/

HOLDERFIELD 10-MILER (Vacaville, CA 12/20)

Name/ Time/ Pace/

MARK MURRAY/ 1:02:11/ 6:13/M

BRENDAN WARD/ 1:02:29/ 6:15/M

KAT WARD/ 1:14:05/ 7:26/M

BUD HAAS/ 1:25:27/ 8:32/M