Golden Valley Harriers
(GVH) is a running club located in Davis, CA. GVHers come in all shapes
and sizes—from elite ex-college runners to folks who are just starting to run and everything in between.  The club is organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Donations to the club are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Our Tax ID# is 14-1841731.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come out and run with us, but we appreciate a positive attitude. (Please note that our insurance requires that runners under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.) 

GVH meets for workouts at Fleet Feet Sports, 615 2nd Street, Davis, CA (Map, Fleet Feet website). Group runs are on Tuesdays (5:45 pm), Thursdays (5:55 pm) and Saturdays (8 am). And informal group in GVH meets at the UC Davis track on Thursday mornings at 8 am.  For more details, go to Workouts and Events  


Nice Holiday Party last night. Congrats to Ollie on the Mile.

As we continue in our base training phase, one of the goals of speed workouts is SPEED. If you want to increase your speed, boosting your cadence is a good measure. This is an excerpt from Runners World:

When it comes to cadence, the magic number is 180–or so goes the conventional thinking. At the 1984 Olympics, famed coach and running researcher Jack Daniels counted the strides of distance runners as they raced, and found nearly all of them took at least 180 steps per minute. Citing Daniels's observation, experts have long suggested that in order to minimize overstriding, lessen impact forces on the legs, and maintain forward momentum, runners should always aspire to nail that number. But cadence hinges on pace. Even Olympians take fewer steps per minute when they run at slower speeds. In fact, your easy and 5-K paces may differ by up to 20 steps per minute. That said, if your cadence at 5-K pace is below 180, it needs a boost.

So, short of consciously trying to alter your stride, form, armswing, and footstrike, if you pick up your cadence, you may naturally improve your running economy. How do you measure cadence? Rich McCann had a metronome app or watch that drove anyone near him crazy. You can every left or right foot fall for 30 seconds and multiply by two. Many newer fitness watches like the Garmin Fenix series will measure cadence and you can make that one of your data fields. By the way, Fleet Feet has a nice sale on them.

For this workout, your warm up cadence may be about 160, tempo about 170 to 180, and recovery jog about 160. When we advance to 5K pace workouts, your cadence should be 180+. I predict that most of you are regularly hitting a cadence of over 180.

Dec 12 Tuesday Speed workout: South Putah Creek

1745 meet at FF

1750 advance team heads out

1755 all other runners start

1805 meet at the first water fountain as you come on the South Putah bike path behind Da Vinci apts.

1810 Two minutes at marathon or 10K pace : one minute recovery jog, for a total of 30 minutes. The effort should be comfortable. Here is the link to the course: South Putah Creek 2.3 mile.

  • This is an out and back.

  • For those of you who are still recovering or are new to speed workouts, limit your reps as needed.

  • Turn around after 6 repeats so that we all finish back at the starting point about the same time, 36 minutes total. If you need more distance, head back out as needed.

  • Set your watch timers to start 1 minute and 2 minute intervals. We will start slow.

  • Path is mostly lit but research drive is dark.

Dec 14 Thursday:

1755 leave from FF, 10k or 7 mile loop on the South Davis bike paths.

Dec 16 Saturday:

0800 meet at FF for the usual 7 or 10 mile loops

Dec 17 Sunday: Auburn Trail Run

0800 meet at boy scout cabin downtown Davis to carpool.

0900 meet at the Quarry Road in Auburn

2018 Membership Renewal Drive.
Please renew your membership for 2018.  Annual dues are $35.  We are also accepting tax deductible donations to the club as a separate payment option.  When you renew your membership, you will be included in the GVH club distribution list for announcements for 2018, be covered by RRCA insurance at club workouts, as well as keep the club solvent. 

Membership information is at the link on the left margin or here.

GVH Race Results

  • Weekend Race Results (11/27-12/3) Fellow Runners,First, another Thanksgiving result: Mike and Cathrine Lemaire ran the Napa Turkey Chase 10K and placed in their respective age groups.The California International Marathon was the big ...
    Posted Dec 5, 2017, 9:25 AM by Scott Martin
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