GVHers with Meb before his historic Boston Marathon run:

Golden Valley Harriers
(GVH) is a running club located in Davis, CA. GVHers come in all shapes
and sizes—from elite ex-college runners to folks who are just starting to run and everything in between.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come out and run with us, but we appreciate a positive attitude. (Please note that our insurance requires that runners under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.) 

GVH officially meets three times a week for workouts. All runs start and finish at Fleet Feet Sports, 615 2nd Street, Davis, CA (Map, Fleet Feet website).


A grizzled bunch of seniors.

Women’s team at Willow Hills


10/18/2015, Humboldt Redwoods Marathon, Half and 5K

10/18/2015, 30K and 50K overlook run. You can race or volunteer. Bruce said that Ann Trason can still use some volunteers. Contact Bruce Labelle.

10/24/2015, XC Shoreline, Martinez

11/1/2015 XC Tamalpa

11/15/2015  (Sunday) XC Ancil Hoffman, Carmichael

11/21/2015, Turkey Trot, sign up to be a pacer at Pacer list, or contact Diana.

11/22/2015 (Sunday) XC Championships, GGP, SF

11/8/2015, Clarksburg Country Run 5K, 10K, 20 Mile, Kids Run & Half Marathon, Traditionally, the last long race before CIM.

12/6/2015, CIM

12/12/2015, National Club XC Championships, GGP, SF. We will have a chance to race against the GVH club from the east coast.

Cross Country Season:

Open men < 40 manager: Ollie

Women: Joannie

Master, senior, super senior 40+: Craighton

If you want to race, you should join the PAUSATF now: PAUSATF membership. You have to be a member to score for GVH. When you register, designate GVH club #135 for your affiliation.

The Tuesday speed WORK-OUT

1745: meet up at FF and announcements.

1755: Warm up to the Community Park by the pool.

1815: Workout: 16 - 24 x 30 seconds at 1 mile pace then 30 second recovery jog. If you are doing 16 reps, do the 2 mile loop. If you are doing 24 reps, do the 5K loop. Last week, these surges were a good prep for the rolling hills at Willow Hills XC.

1850: cool down to FF.

Go to Pacing Chart for recommended goal paces for this workout.

This is the pacing chart from Jack Daniels’ Running Formula.

Workouts this week:

Monday:   Runner’s Core and Balance program starts at Fitness garage

Thursday or Friday:   20 min tempo, 2-3 x 2.8 XC course, or 12 min at 10K pace.

Saturday / Sunday:  1.5 - 2 hours easy  / 30 - 45 min easy or Race at Humboldt.

Recovery workout

Thursday or Friday: 35 - 45 min easy + drills

Saturday or Sunday: 35 - 45 min easy + drills

Other Workouts.

Thursday at 5:55  am, leaves promptly from Mercedes and Grande in North Davis.

Thursday at 5:45 pm, leaves from FF at 5:55 pm. In the winter, the South Davis 10 K loop is the usual route. There is an option to shorten the route by going over Pole Line. Note: the course is usually run clockwise, not counter-clockwise as on the map. When there is more daylight, we switch over to the 7.5 mile loop, which we often will run counter-clockwise to be different from Saturday. There is a 5 mile loop option going through the arboretum and equestrian center.

Saturday at 8 am, meet at Fleet Feet. This tends to be the same 7.5 mile loop or 10 mile loop but the company is always exciting. We usually go for breakfast afterwards. About 15 - 25 runners show, but only a few may be there if there is a big local race.

Easy Days (Mon, Wed, Thu or Fri, Sat or Sun):

20 - 50 min easy at 2 min/mile slower than 10k pace w/8x50m drills or strides

Let me (Craighton) know if you have a regular group workout that you want me to

announce. Regular workouts include the Tuesday Speed work out, Thursday morning at 5:55 am, Thursday evening at 6 pm, Saturday morning at 8 am, and Bryan's run on Sunday at 7:30 am.  Location and time of these work-outs are posted at http://www.goldenvalleyharriers.org/team-schedules

Spring workout groups:

Young Turks - Open men XC and triathletes

Flying Swine - Masters men XC

Gazelles - women's XC and triathletes

Gorillas - Seniors men XC, ultra and adventure racers

Tule Elks - The rest of the regulars

Kit Foxes - novice/less intensive runners

Winter/Spring/Summer groups:

Kit Foxes - novice/less intensive runners - Bridge workouts

Tule Elks - 46:00 10k and higher

Mountain Lions - 42:00-46:00 10k

Swainson Hawks - 37:00-42:00 10k

Kangaroo Rats - 37:00 10k and lower

The workout notices and events are posted on the GVH website.

Please let Ashley know of your or other GVHer’s race results.

Richard McCann

Coach, Golden Valley Harriers


PA USATF Club No. 38-0135


(530) 547-1004

• Tuesday nights-5:45 p.m.
New runners are encouraged to try this speed workout out. The warm-up pace is relaxed and we often do the faster paced intervals at a track or a loop where it is hard to get lost or left behind. This is the best attended workout and a great way to work on your form, up your game, and meet club members.

 For more details, go to Workouts and Events

• Thursday nights-5:45 p.m. Distance ranges from 5 - 8 miles and the pace is easy to a hard tempo. Note: Plan to leave FF by 5:55 in order to get back by 7 pm.
• Saturday mornings-8:00 a.m. Standard distances are 7 - 10 miles usually at an easy, social pace, but you can usually count on a few to kick in a brisk, tempo run. Marathoners often tack on 3 - 10 miles. About 15 - 25 runners show, but only a few may be there if there is a big local race. We often grab breakfast afterwards. 

GVH members receive additional e-mail announcements of additional workouts, trail runs, races, uniform buys, and social events.

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