Golden Valley Harriers
(GVH) is a running club located in Davis, CA. GVHers come in all shapes
and sizes—from elite ex-college runners to folks who are just starting to run and everything in between.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come out and run with us, but we appreciate a positive attitude. (Please note that our insurance requires that runners under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.) 

GVH meets for workouts at Fleet Feet Sports, 615 2nd Street, Davis, CA (Map, Fleet Feet website). Group runs are on Tuesdays (5:45 pm), Thursdays (5:55 pm) and Saturdays (8 am). For more details, go to Workouts and Events 

Annual dues for GVH are $35 each January.  Club members get on a distribution list to receive e-mail announcements of additional workouts, trail runs, races, uniform buys, and social events.

Upcoming Races / Events

01/10/2017 Tuesday Speed Workout
Tuesday Speed Workout
10 x 400m (5k) w/400m jog + 3 x 300m (1500m) w/2min rest

5:45 PM - Meet at Fleet Feet
5:50 PM - Early birds take off
5:55 PM - Late birds leave

Run to the track. Warm up with dynamic exercises (perhaps the 5s I've done previously) and finish the warm up with 4 x 100m strides starting at a jog and finishing faster than your 5k race pace. 

Secondary Workout (ThursdayFriday, or Saturday)
2mi (M), 2mi (HM), 2mi (HM) w/ 2-3min rest in between

Training Schedule 

     Tuesday                       Wednesday                 Thursday                      Friday

Speed: 10 x 400m (5k) w/400m jog rests + 4 x 300m(1500m)(7mi)

Threshold: 2mi(M), 2mi(HM), 2mi(HM) w/2-3min jog rest + 4 x 45sec(1500m)

5 x 10sec hill sprints w/2min recovery

Threshold: 2mi(M), 2mi(HM), 2mi(HM/10k) w/2-3min jog rest + 4 x 45sec(1500m)

Speed: 8 x 600m(5k) w/400m jog rest + 4 x 300m(1500m)

6 x 10sec hill sprints w/2min recovery

Speed: 6 x 800m (5k) w/400m jog rest + 4 x 300m(1500m)

Threshold: 2mi(M), 2mi(HM), 2mi(HM/10k) w/2-3min jog rest + 4 x 45sec(1500m)

7 x 10sec hill sprints w/2min recovery

Threshold: 2mi(M), 2mi(HM), 2mi(HM/10k) w/2-3min jog rest + 4 x 45sec(1500m)

Speed: 5 x 1000m (5k) w/90sec rest

8 x 10sec hill sprints w/2min recovery

Fartlek: 1min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 3min, 2min, 1min (3k-10k) w/equal time jog rests 


8 x 10sec hill sprints w/2min recovery

Coach's Corner

For the next few weeks until the Davis Stampede, we're going to alternate between threshold type workouts that improve lactate threshold and speed workouts that improve stride rate, running economy, and fatigue resistance. 

All runners need these kinds of workouts, but how much and how often varies based on when and how far a person is racing. For example, a 5k runner will need more speed work to improve fatigue resistance at 5k race pace where as a marathoner/half marathoner will need more threshold work to improve their endurance. 

But both need some of what the other does a lot of. Since we're training for races that are a few months away (Napa, Boston, Sactown 10, No Excuses 5k), now is a good time for the 5k runners to do a substantial amount of threshold work and the marathoners/half marathoners to get in their limited speed work before either group moves away from these types of workouts and toward more race-specific ones down the road. Thus, we have our workout plan for the next month or so. 

Thursday Workout
60-minute easy + 7 x 10-second hill sprints w/2-minute rest in between 

Regularly Scheduled Workouts


Runner’s Core and Balance program at Fitness garage. Email Rich for details gvharrier@yahoo.com

Tuesday Evening Run:

Meet at Fleet Feet at 5:45 for the weekly speed workout.

Thursday Morning: 

5:55  am, leaves promptly from Mercedes and Grande in North Davis.

Thursday Evening Run:

On Thursday, we'll leave Fleet Feet at 5:55 PM for 7 to 7.5 miles

Saturday Morning Run:

Meet at Fleet Feet at 8 am. Some people will do 7.5 miles; other will do 10 miles

Bryan's Sunday Morning Long Run:

A good long run around Davis, looks out for his emails

Previous Events:

An extraordinary day of racing at the USATF National Club XC Championships in December, 2015 at Golden Gate Park.

GVHers with Meb at the Boston Marathon!

Regular Workouts!

Tuesday nights-5:45 p.m.
New runners are encouraged to try this speed workout out. The warm-up pace is relaxed and we often do the faster paced intervals at a track or a loop where it is hard to get lost or left behind. This is the best attended workout and a great way to work on your form, up your game, and meet club members.

 For more details, go to Workouts and Events

Thursday nights-5:45 p.m. Distance ranges from 5 - 8 miles and the pace is easy to a hard tempo. Note: Plan to leave FF by 5:55 in order to get back by 7 pm.

Saturday mornings-8:00 a.m.
 Standard distances are 7 - 10 miles usually at an easy, social pace, but you can usually count on a few to kick in a brisk, tempo run. Marathoners often tack on 3 - 10 miles. About 15 - 25 runners show, but only a few may be there if there is a big local race. We often grab breakfast afterwards.

GVH Announcements

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