Running Routes

The Fleet Feet Davis Map:

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Routes in Davis

Trails of Davis - water and bathrooms are marked.

The classic GVH

routes in Davis

10 mile South Loop from FF, Arboretum, Levees, Airport, Olive Grove, Campus, Arboretum, FF. Our most common Saturday morning run. Water in the Arboretum, Airport, and the dining commons. Bathrooms in the Arboretum and the dining commons.

10 mile North Loop from FF, Community Park, North Star, West Davis, Campus, FF. Good route on wet or windy days. Water at the duck pond, Elk Place, Isle Royale, and dining commons. Bathrooms at the duck pond.

6 mile South Davis Loop follows bike paths and is mostly lit at night. Often run on Thursday during the winter.

7.5 mile South Loop cuts off 2.5 miles off from the 10 mile loop (#1).

7 mile North Loop cuts off 3 miles from the 10 mile North loop (#2).

5 mile Korematsu School Loop starts on the South Putah Creek bike path. 

Willowcreek 4 mile loop in South Davis

West Arboretum Loop incorporates some of the old Aggie XC course and starts on the trail just south of the South Putah Creek lodge.

South Putah Creek This is the full length of the South Putah Creek 2.3 mile path from Da Vinci Apts to just short of Mace.

2 mile North Star Loop on the grass Greenbelt grass 2 mile loop Distance: 2.01 miles / 3.23 km Location: Start: Covell Bike Bridge Northstar Greenbelt - Davis, CA, US Attributes: loop, mostly flat, grass.

South Putah Creek Drill. A 3200m loop. 3K pace on the 1200 and marathon pace on the 2K recovery. Option to cut the loop short on Jasmine or Rialto lane.

Community Park 2 K loop A lollipop loop from Community Park to Grande

Covell Park 0.5 mile loop grassy surface, starts by tennis court.

Covell Park 1 k loop grass surface

Hill repeats in Davis:
Dave Pelz bike bridge. 800m from Cowell to bike path crossing near Explorit Science Center.

Mt. Poleline. 1 mile loop starts at 5th and Poleline, go through tunnel, turn around at the trees at the east end of the play fields.

Mt. Covell loop/Mt. Hunt (map). This is a 0.86 mile loop. I suggest running it counter clock wise so that the up hill portion is longer and more gradual and the down hill is shorter and steeper.

Mile Repeats
Marguerite Montgomery Mile Warm up 2.43 miles from FF along the South Putah Creek bike path to end of the grass playfields by MM elementary school. Just about where the chain link fences begin, start the mile. The mile ends at the east end of the bike path.