Results 9/26 - 10/9/2022

Fellow Runners,

Back on September 25th, Jason Duquette and Grace Chuang ran the San Pedro Park 5K out in Pacifica. Grace won the women's race.

On October 1st, Julia Croteau won an age group prize at the Urban Cow 5K in Sacramento. Several team members ran the half marathon, with Jen Schmidt, Ryan Gallagher, and Mark Murray each taking age group prizes.

At the Granite Head trail race on Saturday, Steve Shaffer took third in his age group on the short course. Mike and Cathrine Lemaire ran the long course, with Cathrine winning her age group.

Sunday morning saw a cross country meet at China Camp State Park hosted by Tamalpa. Joannie Siegler, Grace Chuang, and Carolyn Summers represented the GVH women. David Gerner, Jason Duquette, and Mark Drake led the men's team.

Also on Sunday, Michael Guss completed his first marathon in the beautiful Humboldt Redwoods.

Please let me know if I missed you:

Congratulations, runners!

SAN PEDRO PARK 5K (Pacifica, CA 9/25)

Overall Place/ Name/ Time/ Pace

7/ JASON DUQUETTE/ 25:28/ 8:11/M

22/ GRACE CHUANG/ 30:27/ 9:48/M => First Woman

URBAN COW (Sacramento, CA 10/1)


Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace

192/ JULIA CROTEAU/ 3/ 28:33/ 9:11/M => Third in Age Group

Half Marathon

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace

59/ JENNIFER SCHMIDT/ 3/ 1:19:36/ 6:05/M => Third in Age Group

96/ RYAN GALLAGHER/ 2/ 1:24:41/ 6:28/M => Second in Age Group

98/ MARK MURRAY/ 3/ 1:24:54/ 6:29/M => Third in Age Group

129/ JOHN COLLINS/ 20/ 1:28:16/ 6:44/M

137/ JOSEPH HUANG/ 22/ 1:29:03/ 6:48/M

187/ JUAN SANCHEZ/ 11/ 1:33:27/ 7:08/M

228/ MICHAEL FAN/ 4/ 1:35:59/ 7:20/M

580/ CHRISTINA RAMIREZ/ 36/ 1:53:45/ 8:41/M

802/ ERNEST SHIMIZU/ 35/ 1:59:50/ 9:09/M

843/ ELIZABETH VAAGE/ 61/ 2:01:27/ 9:16/M

2131/ JULIA CROTEAU/ 103/ 3:14:16/ 14:50/M

GRANITE HEAD (Granite Bay, CA 10/8)

6.6-mile Short Course

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace

54/ STEVEN SHAFFER/ 3/ 1:06:03/ 9:59/M => Third in Age Group

11.2-mile Long Course

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace

91/ MIKE LEMAIRE/ 11/ 2:02:09/ 10:53/M

105/ CATHRINE LEMAIRE/ 1/ 2:06:31/ 11:17/M => Age Group Winner



Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/ Pace

2/ JENNIFER SCHMIDT/ 25:02/ 5:53/M => Second Place Overall, racing for SRA Elite

41/ JOANNIE SIEGLER/ 30:36/ 7:12/M

81/ GRACE CHUANG/ 35:11/ 8:16/M

87/ CAROLYN SUMMERS/ 36:10/ 8:30/M

Masters Men

Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/ Pace

32/ DAVID GERNER/ 27:18/ 6:25/M

51/ JASON DUQUETTE/ 29:35/ 6:57/M

56/ MARK DRAKE/ 30:20/ 7:08/M

63/ MICHAEL SWEENEY/ 31:08/ 7:19/M

75/ CRAIGHTON CHIN/ 32:19/ 7:36/M

81/ STEVE BARTON/ 32:48/ 7:43/M

105/ JAMES FLANIGAN/ 38:50/ 9:08/M => racing for Tamalpa


Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace

34/ MICHAEL GUSS/ 4/ 4:24:48/ 10:06/M