Results 12/12 - 12/18/2022

Fellow Runners,

Allison Alcalay reports:

While Craighton, Steve and Mark were running in Honolulu, Allison and Heather [Jones] were running the Malaga, Spain, half marathon. No official times were recorded, but we did receive our medals.

We had several comments about the USATF Nationals:

Rich McCann:

It's funny how many times when XC Nationals are held in Golden Gate Park, its in the midst of a howling storm, going all the way back to 1986!

David Gerner:

I think it should be mentioned that Joannie won the #1 national championship slot in her age group as well as won the #1 women's masters age graded national championship slot. Those are both big deals. We all should be very proud of Joannie.

Michael Guss:


Officially, Masters National races run off age grades and on age groups in addition to overall, so the correct results (overall/age grade overall/age group place/age grade percent/Time/Pace) are as follows:

Women's Masters 6k, Cross Country, Rain, 20 mph wind:

Joannie Siegler 68/1/1/92.84 Age Grade/25:35/6:53 =>Overall Age Grade Winner => Age Group Winner

Masters 8k, Cross Country, rain, 20 mph wind/32nd

Norman Coppinger 153/177/91/65.47/40:30/8:09

Bryan Thoreson 177/210/99/61.18/42:56/8:39

William Haas 189/216/103/60.13/44:06/8:53

Masters 40-59, 6.0 Miles, Polo Grounds Track, DNP (32nd/3rd among partial teams):

David Gerner 213/195/43/82.33//36:24/6:03

James Farrar 305/257/48/77.25/41:15/6:51

Michael F. Sweeney 311/266/51/76.88/41:49/6:57

Michael Guss 332/334/110/57.66/48:39/8:05

Also, the GVH 60+ team placed 32nd. The 40+ team officially did not place, but the USATF Team Scores for that race were listed in order of full teams, then partial teams on total time. Under that, they placed 32.


Please let me know if I missed anyone:

Happy Holidays!