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GVH Running Retreat 2018

We are opening up registration for the GVH retreat.

Dates: Friday, July 13- Sunday July 15.
Arrival time tba, checkout time 3:00 p.m.

Housing: Ski Lodge right off of Hwy 80. 
11860 Deerfield Drive, Truckee

Accommodations: Women's and Men's bunk rooms, they can be coed if need be. So you will be sleeping in a bunk bed in a room of bunk beds. You will also be sharing a bathroom. You will need to bring your own bedding and towels.

Meals: GVH will provide pizza and salad on Friday night, and meat/meat alternatives and salad for the BBQ on Saturday. You need not stay at the lodge in order to join in for dinner either night, just need to sign up and contribute via the link.

Those attending Saturday's meal are also asked to bring a side dish (other than salad) or dessert.

All other meals you need to cover on your own. The kitchen is large and there will be refrigerator space.

Everyone attending will be asked to sign up to help with either cooking or cleaning. And lodgers will need to help clean up before heading back to Davis.

We will have a nice long trail run on Saturday. For Sunday we will plan either another trail run or a hike. Friday we will leave it up to individual preferences. 

For those of you who don't want to miss out on the retreat but can't do the bunk bed thing, there are VRBOs and campgrounds in the area. I suggest booking in advance as it's a popular area.

If you prefer sleeping in your vehicle, but parking at the lodge and using the facilities there, you will need to sign up for lodging and you will count toward the 30 max we can have stay.

At this time, lodging is open only to current GVH members. (If we don't fill up, we will open up lodging to nonmember's guests). Lodging will be cut off at 30, first come, first served.

If you plan to attend either dinner, please sign up. Meals have no limit in order to accommodate those staying elsewhere. Also non GVH members can sign up for meals.

If you problems with the PayPal buttons below, try using a computer instead of smartphone.

2018 GVH Retreat Lodging $20 - limited to 30

2018 GVH Retreat Friday Dinner $10 - no limit

2018 GVH Retreat Saturday BBQ potluck $10 - no limit

If you tried to register for the retreat and you get redirected to this page, the retreat lodging has been sold out. You can still register for the dinners on Friday and Saturday, but you have to find your own lodging.