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Weekend Race Results (9/4-9/9)

posted Sep 11, 2018, 10:49 AM by Scott Martin
Fellow Runners,

On Friday at 9am, Kelly Barber and a few hundred others started shuffling up the hill from the Homewood Ski Resort parking lot on the west shore of Lake Tahoe.

Meanwhile, on Saturday morning, Bryan Pro ran several loops of the Vacaville hills to complete the Lagoon Valley Trail 30K.

In Golden Gate Park on Sunday, the women's cross country team was led by Rachel Boddy.  Jim Farrar and Steve Barton led the masters men.

Peter Friederich ran the Run to Remember 9/11 5K in Sacramento.

Aside from the top three places, GVH dominated the Buffalo Stampede 10-miler on Sunday.  Tommy Vargas, Ben Godfrey, Zach Bonner, Jose Zaragoza, and Steve Andrews swept fourth through eighth place, all finishing under one hour.  Nick Siino, Brendan Ward, Kevin Kamai, and Mark Murray were close behind and placed in their respective age groups.  Angie Hart and Joachim Schnier also placed in their age groups.

Finally, on Monday afternoon, Kelly Barber hobbled back into the Homewood Ski Resort parking lot with a pained grin on his face.  He had just circumnavigated Lake Tahoe on foot for a total of 206.7 miles over the course of three days.  Official results for the Tahoe 200 have not yet been released.  I'll send them out next week.

Races for this weekend:

REBELS XC CHALLENGE (Carmichael, CA 9/15)


LET'S ROC 5K (Sacramento, CA 9/16)

Please let me know if I missed you!  And send your PR's and other race results to me (Scott) at

Congratulations, runners!

LAGOON VALLEY TRAIL 30K (Vacaville, CA 9/8)

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ 
4/ BRYAN PRO/ 1/ 3:52:18/ => Age Group Winner 

GOLDEN GATE PARK OPEN (San Francisco, CA 9/9) 

Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/ 
48/ RACHEL BODDY/ 25:34/ 
60/ JOANNIE SIEGLER/ 26:21/ 
102/ CAMILLE BROWN/ 30:57/ 
105/ ANDREA KIRSCH/ 31:08/ 

Masters Men
Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/ 
64/ JIM FARRAR/ 25:04/ 
65/ STEVE BARTON/ 25:07/ 
83/ CRAIGHTON CHIN/ 26:48/ 
115/ MARK GOLTZ/ 32:13/ 
123/ JIM FLANIGAN/ 34:21/ => racing for Tamalpa

RUN TO REMEMBER 5K (Sacramento, CA 9/9) 

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
55/ PETER FRIEDERICH/ 4/ 24:42/ 7:57/M 

BUFFALO STAMPEDE 10-MILER (Sacramento, CA 9/9) 

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
4/ TOMMY VARGAS/ 1/ 55:18/ 5:32/M => Fourth Place Overall, Age Group Winner 
5/ BEN GODFREY/ 1/ 56:16/ 5:38/M => Fifth Place Overall, Age Group Winner 
6/ ZACHARY BONNER/ 2/ 58:28/ 5:51/M => Sixth Place Overall, Second in Age Group 
7/ JOSE ZARAGOZA/ 2/ 58:46/ 5:53/M => Second in Age Group 
8/ STEPHEN ANDREWS/ 1/ 59:37/ 5:58/M => Age Group Winner 
11/ NICHOLAS SIINO/ 2/ 1:02:08/ 6:13/M => Second in Age Group 
13/ BRENDAN WARD/ 3/ 1:02:24/ 6:15/M => Third in Age Group 
14/ KEVIN KAMAI/ 2/ 1:03:02/ 6:19/M => Second in Age Group 
19/ MARK MURRAY/ 2/ 1:04:21/ 6:27/M => Second in Age Group 
49/ ANGIE HART/ 2/ 1:12:54/ 7:18/M => Second in Age Group 
87/ MIKE JOHNSON/ 4/ 1:18:34/ 7:52/M 
113/ JAMIE HENSON/ 8/ 1:22:26/ 8:15/M 
155/ JOACHIM SCHNIER/ 3/ 1:27:47/ 8:47/M => Third in Age Group 
158/ CHRISTINA DICKER/ 12/ 1:27:56/ 8:48/M 
183/ ERNEST SHIMIZU/ 12/ 1:31:41/ 9:11/M 
250/ DON HAGEN/ 5/ 1:40:55/ 10:06/M