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Weekend Race Results (6/26-7/2)

posted Jul 3, 2017, 11:57 AM by Scott Martin
Fellow Runners,

Kevin Kamai and Adam Warner led GVH at the No Excuses 5K in Sacramento last Saturday.  Bob Rowden, Angie Hart, and David Haake followed not long after.  Kat Voepel, Paul Sterk, and Jonathon Howard raced as well.

At the Reservoir Dogs trail race in San Pablo, Frank Hilker led GVH in the half marathon, taking third in his age group.  Mike Johnson and Cristina Ramirez each took second in their own age groups.

In the 35K, Chris Dalton led the charge with Eric Nichol not far behind.  Annie Ciernia took fifth in the women's race.  Allison Alcalay and Andrea Brunsman finished together, with Allison taking second in her age group.

This week:

4th of July 5-miler (Sacramento, CA 7/4)

5-3-1 Fun Run (Woodland, CA 7/4)



Please send your PR's and other results to me (Scott) at

Congratulations, runners!

NO EXCUSES 5K (Sacramento, CA 7/1) 

Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/ Pace
17/ KEVIN KAMAI/ 18:26/ 5:55/M 
19/ ADAM WARNER/ 18:30/ 5:57/M 
61/ BOB ROWDEN/ 21:03/ 6:46/M 
73/ ANGELA HART/ 21:38/ 6:57/M 
76/ DAVID HAAKE/ 21:48/ 7:01/M 
95/ KATHERINE VOEPEL/ 23:01/ 7:24/M 
100/ PAUL STERK/ 23:11/ 7:27/M 
127/ JONATHON HOWARD/ 25:12/ 8:06/M 

RESERVOIR DOGS (San Pablo Reservoir, CA 7/1) 

Half Marathon
Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
7/ FRANK HILKER/ 3/ 1:50:50/ 7:55/M => Third in Age Group 
23/ MIKE JOHNSON/ 2/ 2:14:19/ 9:35/M => Second in Age Group 
29/ CRISTINA RAMIREZ/ 2/ 2:20:07/ 10:00/M => Second in Age Group 

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
11/ CHRISTOPHER DALTON/ 5/ 2:58:22/ 8:34/M 
15/ ERIC NICHOL/ 2/ 3:04:00/ 8:50/M => Second in Age Group 
24/ ANNIE CIERNIA/ 2/ 3:23:09/ 9:46/M => Fifth Female Finisher, Second in Age Group
66/ ALLISON ALCALAY/ 2/ 4:28:17/ 12:53/M => Second in Age Group 
67/ ANDREA BRUNSMAN/ 10/ 4:28:20/ 12:54/M