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Weekend Race Results (6/18-6/24)

posted Jun 27, 2018, 11:29 AM by Scott Martin
Fellow Runners,

We start with some missed results: Senthil Cheetancheri ran two Bay Area 5K's on June 3rd and 17th, improving his time by 20 seconds in two weeks.

On Saturday at the epicly infernal Western States 100-miler, Chris Dalton represented GVH and finished in 27:22, aided by wife Cristina, Ollie Ehlinger, Ian Grettenberger, and countless aid station volunteers.

Over in Reno, Andrew Liu won his age group at the Mustache Run 10K.

And down in San Antonio, Texas, Nicholas Pinter distinguished himself by taking fourth place in the Masters Division at the USA Pentathlon National Championships, which involves fencing, swimming, horseback riding, and a 3200-meter cross country race with frikking laser beams.

On Sunday in Los Gatos, Jose Zaragoza ran the One Mile Bang in under five minutes.  Jim Farrar and Craighton Chin ran sub-6.

Down in Oakland, Jim Flanigan ran a 9-mile trail race called Woodmonster.

And Senthil Cheetancheri came back to finish the California Sprint Triathlon in under 1:30.

I'm not aware of any nearby races this weekend.  Send me info if do you race:

Congratulations, runners!

VIBHA DREAM 5K (San Jose, CA 6/3)

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
9/ SENTHIL CHEETANCHERI/ 3/ 23:15/ 7:30/M => Third in Age Group

RACE FOR LITERACY 5K (Sunnyvale, CA 6/17)

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
5/ SENTHIL CHEETANCHERI/ 2/ 22:54/ 7:23/M => Second in Age Group

WESTERN STATES 100 (Squaw Valley, CA 6/23)

Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/
187/ CHRISTOPHER DALTON/ 27:22:55/

MUSTACHE RUN 10K (Reno, NV 6/23)

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
4/ ANDREW LIU/ 1/ 44:19:00/ 7:09/M => Age Group Winner


Overall Place/ Name/ Points/ 
16/ NICHOLAS PINTER/ 938/ => Fourth Place Masters

ONE MILE BANG (Los Gatos, CA 6/24) 

Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/ 
38/ JOSE ZARAGOZA/ 4:48/ 
125/ JIM FARRAR/ 5:37/ 
137/ CRAIGHTON CHIN/ 5:46/ 

WOODMONSTER TRAIL RACE (9 miles, Oakland, CA 6/24)

Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/ 
27/ JIM FLANIGAN/ 1:43:23/


Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ 
135/ SENTHIL CHEETANCHERI/ 9/ 1:24:38/