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Weekend Race Results (1/29-2/4)

posted Feb 6, 2018, 11:48 AM by Scott Martin
Fellow Runners,

Andrea Brunsman kicked off the weekend with the Fort Ord 50K in Salinas.

Up in the foothills, several GVHers ran the Foresthill Divide 30K.

Meanwhile, in Sacramento, Paul Sterk ran the 30K at Jed Smith.  Mark Murray took second place in the 50K, followed by Blair Howard who took third in his age group.

As Mark Murray warned us on Friday, he shattered both the American age group record and the GVH club record for the 50K with his 3:32 finish.  In light of his success at all distances over many years, Mark is clearly doing something right.

The following day, a large number of GVHers showed up for the Super Sunday races.  At the 5K, Jennifer Jackson took fourth overall in the women's race.  Angie Hart and John Lynch each took third in their respective age groups.

Joannie Siegler led GVH and won her age group in the 10K.  Angie Hart took third place in her age group one more time, with only 38 minutes to catch her breath after finishing the 5K.  Christina Dicker and Andrea Kirsch also ran both races.

Coming up:

VALENTINE (Sacramento, CA 2/10)

GOLDEN GATE (Rodeo Beach, CA 2/10)

Please send your PR's and other results to me (Scott) at

Congratulations, runners!

FORT ORD 50K (Salinas, CA 2/3) 

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
75/ ANDREA BRUNSMAN/ 9/ 7:08:52/ 13:47/M 

FORESTHILL DIVIDE 30K (Foresthill, CA 2/3) 

Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/ 
14/ LAWRENCE DENNIS/ 2:54:38/ 
19/ MICHAEL PATE/ 3:03:39/ 
34/ NUALA DEL PICCOLO/ 3:26:37/ 
49/ LOUISE DEBEFVE/ 3:37:06/ 
58/ MARTIN SENGO/ 3:51:18/ 


Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
7/ PAUL STERK/ 4/ 2:46:00/ 8:55/M

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
2/ MARK MURRAY/ 2/ 3:32:16/ 6:50/M => Second Place Overall 
7/ BLAIR HOWARD/ 3/ 3:59:26/ 7:43/M => Third in Age Group 

SUPER SUNDAY (Sacramento, CA 2/4) 

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
11/ ADAM WARNER/ 1/ 18:56/ 6:06/M => Age Group Winner 
21/ JENNIFER JACKSON/ 1/ 19:50/ 6:23/M => Fourth Female Finisher, Age Group Winner 
57/ ANGIE HART/ 3/ 21:56/ 7:04/M => Third in Age Group 
77/ JOHN LYNCH/ 3/ 22:32/ 7:16/M => Third in Age Group 
89/ CHRISTINA DICKER/ 6/ 23:06/ 7:26/M 
109/ JAMIE HENSON/ 10/ 23:44/ 7:39/M 
134/ ANDREA KIRSCH/ 9/ 25:07/ 8:05/M 

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
119/ JOANNIE SIEGLER/ 1/ 41:18/ 6:39/M => Age Group Winner 
146/ ANDREW LIU/ 13/ 42:43/ 6:53/M 
160/ BOB ROWDEN/ 8/ 43:36/ 7:01/M 
184/ ANGIE HART/ 3/ 44:45/ 7:12/M => Third in Age Group 
270/ ELIZABETH VAAGE/ 10/ 48:57/ 7:53/M 
288/ MARK GOLTZ/ 6/ 49:34/ 7:59/M 
330/ CHRISTINA DICKER/ 14/ 50:48/ 8:11/M 
379/ ERNEST SHIMIZU/ 21/ 52:43/ 8:29/M 
408/ ANDREA KIRSCH/ 20/ 53:45/ 8:39/M 
652/ ANDREA BRUNSMAN/ 36/ 1:02:00/ 9:59/M