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Race Results (11/19-11/25)

posted Nov 27, 2018, 3:21 PM by Scott Martin
Fellow Runners,

There were several Turkey Trots throughout the region on Thanksgiving day.  The biggest local race was Run to Feed the Hungry in Sacramento.  Kevin Kamai finished in the top twenty at the 10K.  Mark Murray and Angie Hart each won their respective age group.  Ben Sacks came back from a long recovery after surgery.  Joachim Schnier placed in his age group.

Down in San Jose, Jose Zaragoza finished top-twenty in the massive Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 5K.

In Fairfield, Chris Dalton took third place at the Solano Turkey Trot 5K, followed by John Lynch who placed in his age group.  Melissa Huff also placed in her age group.

Cristina Dalton took second place for the women in the 10K, followed by Ed Ballerini and Peter Friederich who each placed in his respective age group.

I wasn't able to find results for the Vacaville Turkey Trot (and Pumpkin Pie Gorge).  If you raced it, please send me a link!

On Sunday, the PAUSATF Cross Country Championships were held in Golden Gate Park.  Rachel Boddy and Joannie Siegler led the women.  David Gerner, Steve Barton, and Jim Farrar led the master's men.  Steve Andrews again represented the open men with a strong finish.

This weekend:


Please let me know if I missed you!  And send your PR's and other race results to me (Scott) at

RUN TO FEED THE HUNGRY 10K (Sacramento, CA 11/22) 

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
12/ KEVIN KAMAI/ 3/ 36:51/ 5:56/M => Third in Age Group 
26/ MARK MURRAY/ 1/ 38:19/ 6:10/M => Age Group Winner 
113/ ANGIE HART/ 1/ 44:27/ 7:10/M => Age Group Winner 
157/ BOB ROWDEN/ 14/ 46:28/ 7:29/M 
195/ BEN SACKS/ 15/ 48:03/ 7:44/M 
222/ WILLIAM HAAS/ 14/ 49:11/ 7:55/M 
261/ JOACHIM SCHNIER/ 3/ 50:13/ 8:05/M => Third in Age Group 


Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
20/ JOSE ZARAGOZA/ 4/ 16:52/ 5:26/M 

SOLANO TURKEY TROT (Fairfield, CA 11/22) 

5K male
Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
3/ CHRISTOPHER DALTON/ 1/ 17:53/ 5:46/M => Third Place Overall, Age Group Winner 
22/ JOHN LYNCH/ 3/ 21:51/ 7:03/M => Third in Age Group 

5K female
Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
13/ MELISSA HUFF/ 2/ 24:56/ 8:03/M => Second in Age Group 
264/ MELISSA POOLE/ 66/ 41:34/ 13:25/M 

Overall Place/ Name/ Age Group Place/ Overall Time/ Pace
7/ CRISTINA DALTON/ 2/ 43:13/ 6:58/M => Second Female Finisher, Second in Age Group 
18/ EDWARD BALLERINI/ 1/ 45:47/ 7:23/M => Age Group Winner 
62/ PETER FRIEDERICH/ 3/ 52:54/ 8:32/M => Third in Age Group 
72/ ERNEST SHIMIZU/ 7/ 54:01/ 8:43/M 


Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/ Pace
39/ RACHEL BODDY/ 27:48/ 6:57/M 
62/ JOANNIE SIEGLER/ 29:57/ 7:29/M 
82/ ANGIE HART/ 32:06/ 8:01/M 
93/ CAMILLE BROWN/ 34:24/ 8:36/M 
98/ ANDREA KIRSCH/ 35:14/ 8:48/M 

Masters Men
Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/ Pace
45/ DAVID GERNER/ 42:35/ 7:06/M 
50/ STEVE BARTON/ 43:40/ 7:17/M 
51/ JIM FARRAR/ 43:45/ 7:17/M 
63/ CRAIGHTON CHIN/ 45:39/ 7:36/M 
86/ MIKE JOHNSON/ 52:05/ 8:41/M 
90/ JOACHIM SCHNIER/ 54:01/ 9:00/M 
93/ JIM FLANIGAN/ 55:17/ 9:13/M => racing for Tamalpa

Open Men
Overall Place/ Name/ Overall Time/ Pace
40/ STEPHEN ANDREWS/ 36:54/ 6:09/M